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2012 Exhibition Photos

These 40 photos formed the backbone of all our exhibitions in 2012. We started at the Dublin Port Centre, which was a huge success. Then we went on tour. The Five lamps Arts Festival- North Strand. Liberty Hall at the invitation of SIPTU. Saint Patricks Rowing Club in Ringsend, East Wall and Cabra. Our biggest exhibition was of course in the CHQ building as part of the Tall Ships Race. Overall a great year.

2013 Exhibition photos

This new batch of 41 photos was put together as part of the Five Lamps Art Festival. The exhibition was held in the Sheriff Youth Club after our Service of Remembrance in the church of Saint Laurence O'Toole on 20/04/2013. The photos were selected, printed  and framed by students of photography from Marino College-Connolly House , North Strand. This was arranged by Roisin Lonergan Principal of Marino College. The Dublin Dockworkers Preservation Society is extremely grateful for all the help we got from Roisin and her students.

Pledging Support

The following people have pledged to help campaign for a Dockerworkers Museum and Heritage Centre 

Dock Workers

Interview excerpts and photo of Dock Workers