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Baron Minto
The M/V Baron Minto being assisted by the tug Ben Eadar. Donated by Robbie Cox.

Dockers Rolling Barrels
From left: Anthony Montgomery, Johnny Gaskins, Pat Clarke, Paddy Corbally, Lonny Donovan, Nutsie Toole, with Robbie Spratt in front. Donated by Robbie Cox.

Union March 1980'S
Grafton Street . From left: Norman Byrne, Jem Murphy, Paddy Leahy, Paul kelly, Joe Forbes,Unknown, Billy Boy Heffernan, John Hawkins, Jackie Richardson, Noel Green and Jimmy Callaghan. Donated by Alan Martin.

On the Picket Line 1983
From left: Cormac McDermott, Jem Finn, Peter Montgomery, Jackie Richardson, Jem Moran, Jimmy Gregg and Mick Barry. Donated by Alan Martin.

Under the Weather 1983
From Left: Ben Hannigan, Paddy [Whacky] Carrick, John [Fatser] Dunne , Tommy McDermott and Casablanca. Donated by Alan Martin.

Paddy, Michael and John
Paddy Foran, Michael Donnelly and John O'Leary at the old folks party 1989. Donated by Alan Martin.

Father and Son
Shay Carrick and Jackie Carrick at Patsy Kelly Retirement party in 1980. Donated by Alan Martin.

Hitting the High Note
Jimmy [Bimbo] Keating and Jimmy [ Rustler ] Egan in full song at the checkers Christmas party in 1980. This was held in the old wine lodge at the North Wall Ext. Donated by Alan Martin.

Checkers Party
Checkers Christmas party at the office in shed 3 South in 1979. Front left: Ernie King, Mickey Dolan, Paddy Dolan, Paddy Hutch and Peter O' Gorman. Back left: Richie O'Meara, Johnny Dolan, Sean Finnegan, Neville McAuley and jimmy Egan. Partially…

The Top Cats
At dockers pool presentation 1989 - The four Callaghan brothers, from left : Anthony [ Bobo ] ,Liam, Joey and Christy. Donated by Alan Martin.
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